Product Liability / Mass Torts


If you’ve invested years and tears into building a successful product that reached the multitudes, we at Fultz Maddox Dickens recognize that although the good Lord may be willing, the creek is definitely going to rise.

FMD attorneys have decades of experience serving as national, regional, and local counsel for manufacturers of a variety of products such as home appliances, pharmaceuticals, water treatment systems, personal safety equipment, industrial electrical equipment, and asbestos-containing products and materials. Our understanding of the relevant scientific and engineering disciplines, combined with our straightforward advocacy of basic common sense, enables us to portray the products we defend in the best possible light. And we understand that while litigation is unfortunately a cost of doing business, unfounded liability claims are an insult to the women and men whose blood, sweat, and tears made your product a reality. They have a story to tell, and we make sure it gets told.

Product Liability / Mass Torts Attorneys