Our healthcare clients must navigate complex and constantly changing statutory and regulatory landscapes while providing excellent patient care and addressing the legion other challenges all businesses face. It’s complicated, but we understand it.  We take ownership of the legal problems so that our clients can minimize distractions and focus on patients and their care.

Patients come first.  That reality is at the very core of what our healthcare clients believe and practice.  So that means we work hard to limit the time our clients must spend on legal matters. We do that by helping them implement internal controls and processes which minimize the number of issues which arise in the first instance.  This approach results in a reduction in both legal fees and lost productivity over the long term. And when problems do arise, we take ownership of them and work to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

“Healthcare provider” is an oversimplified label.  A group of general practitioners has different issues than a hospital company.  Local providers face different issues than national companies. Ancillary providers of medical, pharmacy, therapy, respiratory, and other types of goods and services all have different needs and issues.  And each of the various medical disciplines is practiced according to different rules and business models. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we learn your business inside and out to make sure you get the specific advice and help you need.

We provide front-end advice on regulatory and compliance matters.  Our goal is to address issues preemptively, and we have successfully assisted clients in building and revising their systems to promptly address concerns raised by any affected constituency.  But no matter how good the system, there is always the chance that an issue will arise which requires an internal investigation and a plan to address it. We can do that.

If a government agency initiates an investigation or requests information, a healthcare provider should not handle the response on its own.  We have managed many government investigations. We strive to limit the disruption to your business while providing the aggressive defense such matters require.

Getting reimbursed in the healthcare world is yet another challenge, and is rarely as easy as simply submitting an invoice or claim.  Insurance rules and regulations can be a trap to the unprepared. Navigating a dispute with an insurer is best done with someone who has been down that road before.  This applies even more when government reimbursement issues are involved, where a simple misstep can interrupt your revenue stream. And when your customers or vendors have financial issues, the consequences and available options are distinctly different in a healthcare setting.  For example, a healthcare bankruptcy doesn’t work the same way as a manufacturing bankruptcy. A lease of a nursing home is very different than a lease of commercial office space. Because our healthcare practice ties into all of the firm’s other service areas, we are able to assess your problems and recommend solutions with the added advantage of our deep experience in the realms of litigation, bankruptcy, and corporate/real estate transactions. In other words, we are the complete package.  

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